Welcome to my website! I am the program coordinator for Co-requisite Reading and Writing and an Associate Professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University. I teach courses in Rhetoric and Composition, Technical and Professional Writing, Cultural Studies, and English Teaching. This semester I am leading a graduate course on the rhetoric of popular culture, and undergraduate classes on composition theory for teachers and an introduction to English studies; next semester I will teach a graduate seminar on composition theory and an undergraduate course on film theory and anime.

As Co-requisite Reading and Writing Coordinator, I oversaw the transition of our program from a pre- or zero-credit model to one that is a credit-bearing and co-requisite, accelerating students’ progress towards their degree and providing enhanced support through course-embedded writing consultants.

My current research focuses on two areas, both closely tied to my teaching: the use of New Media in Composition classes to develop student-centered learning experiences; and the rhetoric of fan communities, particularly of fans of Japanese popular culture. I have a recent publication examining my use of audio essays in basic writing courses as a way to teach audience analysis and composing skills, as well as to enhance students’ sense of belonging in an academic discourse community.

This webpage provides an overview of my work in teaching, scholarship, administration/leadership, and instructional design. Please look around, and feel free to contact me with questions regarding pedagogy and research!

When I’m not working, I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors with my dogs, Yuki, Nixie, and Darcy; the outdoor photography featured in the headers was taken during some of my outings with them in the Winchester, Lexington, and Red River Gorge areas of Kentucky. I also enjoy playing board games —Mysterium, Settlers of Catan, and Root are three favorites— and dabble in baking. My cats Blake, Fayanna, and Oscar are constant companions during grading, reading, gaming, and anything else that involves me sitting at a table.


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