I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Composition at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, where I completed my PhD in Composition and Rhetoric in summer, 2013. Miami University prides itself on being an environment that fosters excellence in both scholarship and teaching. I have thrived in this environment, combining a love of both teaching and research.

My dissertation, Enacting a Rhetoric of Inside-Outside Positionalities: From the Indexing Practice of Uchi/Soto to a Reiterative Process of Meaning-Making, rethinks the study of comparative rhetoric and its contributions to the global turn in rhetorical study. It theorizes a rhetoric of inside–outside positionalities, building on the uchi/soto (inside/outside) dynamic, a feature of Japanese language and social interactions. Inside–outside positionalities offers new ways of understanding instances of meaning-making brought about by intercultural interactions, and highlights the importance of comparative approaches for engaging with global and local rhetorics. Alongside developing a new theory, the project makes a case for comparative epistemologies as both means and ends for ethical rhetorical study in a globalized world.

This webpage provides an overview of my experiences in scholarship, teaching, and administration over the past twelve years. Please look around, and feel free to contact me with questions regarding research and pedagogy.

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