Student Mentoring

Advisor, Mentored Scholarly Project (M.A. Capstone Project). EKU. Spring 2016–Present.

Advisee: Cynthia Held. Project: “The Rhetoric of Open Access.”

Advisor, McNair Scholars Summer Research Opportunity Program (MSROP). EKU. Spring–Summer 2016.

Advisee: Kelsey Noel. Project: “Intersectional Feminism and Female Comic Book Heroes.”

The MSROP is a ten week summer internship program for graduate school-bound, first-generation undergraduate students, who propose, design, and conduct an extensive research project under the guidance of a faculty member.

Committee Member, M.A. Student Comprehensive Exam. EKU. Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2106.

Served on the exam committees for four English M.A. students in the Composition and Rhetoric Concentration.

Outside Reader, Mentored Scholarly Project. EKU. Fall 2015.

Served as an outside reader on a Rhetoric and Composition M.A. capstone project a candidate was revising and resubmitting. Provided extensive feedback and revisions suggestions at the request of the Department of English and Theatre Graduate Program Coordinator.

Undergraduate Advising, English Majors. EKU. Fall 2015–Present.

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