In addition to my teaching and research background, I have a range of administrative experiences. At EKU, I serve as the Coordinator for Developmental Writing, where I have guided course revisions that merged Developmental Reading and Writing. These integrated sections meet state mandates to accelerate student progress into credit-bearing courses, while providing those students with significant support in the form of Course Embedded Writing Consultants and an additional credit-hour of weekly writing studio time. I am involved in planning and implementing program assessment in fall and spring semesters to measure the success of this new course model. As a member of the Developmental Education Advisory Committee, I work closely with Student Testing, Admissions, and faculty from the Math Department.

While at Miami, I served for a year as the Coordinator for Business 102: Writing for Business Decision-Making in the School of Business, where I enacted assignment revision and conducted program assessment. I spent two years as an Assistant Director of the Howe Writing Initiative, an embedded writing center for Business faculty and students, where I planned and led workshops, made classroom visits, and assisted Business faculty with designing writing assignments. Through my work at Miami I developed a great appreciation for the intricacies of Writing across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines, and gained valuable experience working closely with faculty and advanced students outside of the English Department.

These activities at EKU and Miami drive home to me the great need and potential for building cooperation and communication between programs for the betterment of student learning.

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